Keynote Speakers

Professor Martin Daunton (University of Cambridge)

Martin Daunton is Emeritus Professor of Economic History at the University of Cambridge, where he was also Master of Trinity Hall. From 2003 to 2007, he held the presidency of the Royal Historical Society. His most recent monographs include Wealth and Welfare: An Economic and Social History of Britain 1851-1951 (CUP, 2007) and Just Taxes: The Politics of Taxation in Britain, 1914-1979 (CUP, 2002). He has published widely on the development of the British tax system since the eighteenth century, as well as on questions of political economy, international trade policy, finance, and urban housing. He is currently completing a book for Penguin on The Economic Government of the World since 1933.

Dr Anne Murphy (University of Hertfordshire)

Anne Murphy is Reader in History at the University of Hertfordshire and a specialist in early modern financial markets. She is Chair of the Economic History Society’s Women’s Committee and an editor of Routledge’s Financial History Series. Her publications include The Origins of English Financial Markets: Investment and Speculation before the South Sea Bubble (CUP, 2009), which was awarded the EHS’s monograph prize in 2010. Her current research focuses on the organisation and management of the Bank of England during the eighteenth century.